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Join our Facebook Community

1: Friend Request Facebook Profile:

1. Send a friend request to our Facebook PROFILE

(Image shown at right)


2. Once we accept your friend request,

  • Click "About" tab

  • Choose "Contact and Basic Info" 

  • Click link to join the BC ARC GROUP.

(Image shown at right)


3. Click "Join Group" then answer all entry questions to be considered for access. Make sure you scroll to view/answer ALL questions. (Image shown at right)


2: Facebook Group:

Why three steps?

We recognize that members of the group - especially those who identify as BIPOC - may not feel comfortable sharing their stories, resources or having discussions if they don't consider it a safe place. So we strive to have as secure an environment for sharing as possible.


These steps insure we can vet our members, and weed our trolls or fake accounts. While some can slip through the cracks, they are found and removed quickly.

Please feel free to message us with questions or concerns.

3:Answer Membership Questions:

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