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The mission of the Bucks County Anti-Racism Coalition (BC ARC) is to educate and empower local government, businesses, and individuals in order to identify and actively stand against racism in our community. We strive to build relationships with same, and bring collaborative, positive change - together. We’ll do this by sharing resources, holding events, and being available to any who wish to contribute. We will educate businesses, students, and allies through speaking engagements, book and film clubs, and more. And if we can celebrate allies along the way, all the better!

How did this come about? A few ways. After the murder of George Floyd and countless others, we participated in local protests and marches. The vitriolic response we witnessed to peaceful, loving protests and marches unmasked an undercurrent of racism in what we thought was a diverse and accepting area. So, we came together and decided to so something about it. The result is Bucks ARC. Welcome.

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